Roasted Pig

This called for an emergency post!

Mang Peter is roasting a pig!!!  It’s lechon time!

Lechon is an iconic food in the Philippines served in momentous occasions and fiestas (festivities).  And it’s here!  It’s a suckling pig so it’s small so I initially didn’t want to share the news but its too good a news not to share!

This pig has been roasting starting noon today and might roast till 5pm!  It’s mouthwatering!

Still don’t know how much a kilo will cost but I know a few friends who have already lined up to buy.  Yes!  Without knowing the cost!!!

So if you want lechon today, better call up Mang Peter or drop by his store.

Hooray for pig! 😀

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5 Responses to Roasted Pig

  1. Mai Catada says:

    Do you have the contact details of mang peter? Or location of his store?

  2. Cha says:

    Is it located in vietnam ho chi minh

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