Got some change?

Akala ko sa Pilipinas lang yung nagsusukli nang kendi, hindi pala.  Maybe it’s an Asian thing?

This often happens to me at Shop and Go and their favorite candy to give is Golia.

They give this out so often that I’m waiting for this to be renamed to Dong.

So what do I do with all the candies I get as “change” from the convenience store?  Here are some ideas.

Try to use them to buy something back in the same store.  Toy Exchange tried this at Citimart but of course it didn’t work. 😛  Well, it won’t hurt to try. 😉

Give to the kids begging in the streets — but honestly, I don’t see much of this.  And I don’t think they’ll appreciate the candies.

Collect as much as you can for Halloween.  Think of the dong you’ll save!

If you bake, you can use this for cake or cupcake decoration.

For lollipops, use as stirrers when serving refreshing drinks such as lemonade to give it an extra kick.

And the best idea of all is, be nice and give to the ants. 🙂

But I might be keeping this new candy they’re giving out.

Any bright idea?

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4 Responses to Got some change?

  1. jazzy guy says:

    “And the best idea of all is, be nice and give to the ants”

    so funny :))

  2. Flip465 says:

    I usually use the change from filling up the motorbike with petrol to buy ‘lottery’ tickets from any of the kids selling them – or just give them the change. Need to keep the good karma flowing. 🙂

  3. I like the save for Halloween idea! – Revathy (a.k.a Toyexchange)

  4. Yousef says:

    🙂 Have the same experience whenever I buy groceries from Maximark (here in Can Tho City)…….pareho din sa atin, candy ang nagiging panukli…..I used to work in Riyadh, KSA and there is a Pinoy supermarket there that does the same…but only in that Pinoy supermarket….So yes, maybe it’s a Southeast Asian thing 🙂

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