I turn one with Word HCMC

Three years ago, I wasn’t too sure what living in HCMC will be like.  Three years late, I’m still wondering.

There’s something about living in an your adopted country — you’re always in a state of wonder.  And I am super thankful that through Word HCMC, I was able to get to know the country and its people a bit more.  I turn one year with them this month!

I have met so many wonderful Vietnamese and foreign artists — and am so blessed to be blessed by their art.

Please check out this month’s issue Word HCMC focusing on the things you should and shouldn’t do in Saigon — especially for those have considered HCMC their second home. 🙂

John Mayer is back with his 5th album, Born and Raised and so you might want to read my review on that. 😀

Cafe Me is featured in Cafe Critique.  I still haven’t posted on my visit which I will do so in a few days.  I love quaint coffee shops with lovely details and Cafe Me is one of those.

And of course, last but not the least, please read up on artist, Erwin Utchanah of ACG International School.  He is such a passionate artist!

So please, please, grab a copy of this month’s edition or go to http://www.wordhcmc.com.


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