6 things to see on the road to Mui Ne

Hello again, Mui Ne!

Not because I’ve been to Mui Ne twice already doesn’t mean I’m an expert in “vacationing” there.  And I wasn’t really expecting to go anywhere other than the resort where we were staying because I had a baby to mind.  So I have nothing new to tell but recount the stuff I’ve seen on the road to Mui Ne.

So what do you expect to see on the road?

1.  Churches

In Saigon, there are churches around but when you’re off to Mui Ne and you go through Dong Nai province, you’d see a church every few kilometers (sorry for the bad photo).  According to a priest, Catholic communities that were forced out of Hanoi settled in Dong Nai.  They came in batches and each batch built their own church.

2.  Rest Stops

Not your typical rest stop, eh?  Here, you can stretch up a bit in your very own hammock while sipping ca phe sua da.

3.  Huge Gas Stations

No biggie, right?  But if you’ve been staying in Saigon, you don’t get to see these huge gas stations.  Normally, all you’d see in Saigon are those small ones that usually cater to motorbikes.

4.  French doors

It’s not that you don’t see this in Saigon — it’s just more emphasized when you see most of the Vietnamese homes while on the road have French doors.  Of course, this type of door design is an influence by the French.  Where I came from, only the rich use this kind of design.

5.  Mountains!!!

Emphasis on !!!  Yes there are mountains on the road!  If you live in Saigon, you’d know that Saigon is a flat land.  Where I’m from, mountains are part of the landscape of the city — at least near the outskirts.  So seeing mountains again are a welcome sight!

6.  Dragonfruit Farms

Wonder where the dragonfruit you buy comes from?  Yep, it’s from Mui Ne.  And you’d be surprised that you see the farms so close to the road.  And they’re hard to miss — it’s much like seeing a pineapple plantation.

These are pleasant things to see on the road!  On our way back, we saw a couple of accidents — complete with chalks outlining the victims on the pavement!

Anything to add?

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