Who won the “How well do you know Saigon” game?

So a couple of weeks back, I posted a game, How well do you know Saigon? The person who gets the most number of correct answers will receive the pins in photo number 1.

Here are the answers:

Photo No. 1 | Clue: District 1 | Answer:  Saigon Kitsch, Ton That Thiep St.

Photo No. 2  | Clue: District 1 | Answer:  Grand Hotel, Dong Khoi St.

Photo No. 3 | Clue: Binh Thanh District | Answer:  Philippine Consulate, Pham Viet Chanh St.

Photo No. 4 | Clue: District 7 | Answer:  Premium Gourmet (cheese section)

Photo No. 5 | Clue: District 7 | Answer:  Crescent Mall Breastfeeding Room

Photo No. 6 | Clue: District 1 | Answer:  Khoai Restaurant, Le Quy Don St.

Photo No. 7 | Clue: District 7 | Answer:  FV Hospital Pediatrics

Photo No. 8 | Clue: District 9 | Answer:  WC at Intel

And the winner is? <insert drumroll please> CELINE!


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