Birth Certificate Requirements

And so, did I get to pass the documents?  Oh yes sireeee!

Before going to the transaction window in the Department of Justice, I dropped by the small office at the right once you enter the premises.  The anh oi will check your documents first but since he already checked my documents before, he didn’t anymore and just gave me the Child Birth Registration Form to fill out.  Sadly the form is in Vietnamese. 😦

The anh oi told me to bring this home to fill out but since that is out of the question (I took the cab which cost me 130kVND), I decided to stay put and just decipher the form using the other documents that I had with me.  Luckily, the anh oi was good enough to assist me when there were no other people bugging him.  Thank you God!

I submitted the following to Window 3:

1.  Certificate of Live Birth issued by the hospital
2.  Authenticated Marriage Certificate of the parents
3.  Original and photocopy of the Father’s passport
4.  Original and photocopy of the Mother’s passport
5.  Affidavit of the Child’s nationality
6.  Original and photocopy of the Landlord’s Police Registration Book
7.  Child Birth Registration Form from the DOJ
8.  Affidavit on One and the Same Person – for the mom who has taken their husband’s last name >> Not needed.  Just use affidavit  listed in #10.
9.  Affidavit that the Person in the Father’s Passport is the same as the Person in the Marriage Certificate
10.  Affidavit that the Person in the Mother’s Passport is the same as the Person in the Marriage Certificate
11.  Affidavit of the Child’s Nationality from the Vietnamese government (People’s Committee)

I passed all original translated documents — notarized by the People’s Committee (meaning the one with the red stamp).  This also includes the original certificate in Vietnamese from the hospital.  To help the officer in Window 3, flip all your documents to the portion where the Vietnamese translation is shown.

From the time of birth, the parents are given 60 days to pass all the documents for the birth certificate.  However, since I was unable to, I had to pay the fine of 75,000 VND.

So how much is the birth certificate actually?  15,000 VND.  YES!  Just 15kVND!  Can you believe it?

Processing time takes 4 days.  So hopefully I’d get the certificate by Friday. *fingers and toes crossed*

And this is how you fill out the Child Birth Registration Form:

Be mindful to fill this out the Vietnamese way.  If you’re the mom filling this out, put “Mẹ” in the space provided for “relationship to the child”.  Also,  when putting dates, use the DD/MM/YYYY format.

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13 Responses to Birth Certificate Requirements

  1. Amber says:

    Hi! I’m a foreigner living in a small town in Central Vietnam. I recently had a baby with my Vietnamese husband. I’m wondering how you wrote the affidavits? Was there a form you found that you have to fill in, or did you write a statement yourself? Thanks 🙂

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  3. Ernestina says:

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  4. natasha says:

    hi Lyra a quick one but i have a different name in my passport from my husband as it is in my maiden name. the marriage certificate obviously shows that we have got married and shows the new surname. do you think that the fact my passport is in my maiden name will be a problem for getting a birth certificate for our baby, even though we are married? thanks for your help!

    • Lyra says:

      Hi. What you can do is photocopy your marriage certificate, birth certificate, and passport then present together with the originals at your embassy and request for an Affidavit of One and the Same Person. After which, you’d have to have the affidavit translated and notarized to Vietnamese at the People’s Committee. Lastly, have translated and notarized document authenticated at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Hope this helps.

  5. Mylene says:

    Hi Lyra,

    I wanna ask about the ADDRESS, is’t the address in the philippines or address in vietnam where we live?

    Thanks 🙂

  6. ann says:

    Hi Lyra,

    Im a filipino also and I gave birth to my child last july, I just want to ask if the affidavit form of the Person in the Father’s Passport is the same as the Person in the Marriage Certificate is provided by the philippine consulate? and how if I cant present the original passport of my husband due to he is working in danang? Is photocopy of his passport enough?

    • Lyra says:

      When you go to the consul, you just pass your required documents and request for the affidavit. They have a template there already. In the consul, I think the photocopy will be okay but when you pass the documents to the People’s Committee for translation, they might ask for the passport.

  7. tom h mitchell says:

    I was born in Saigon during the Vietnam war. I was born in 1967 and we left in 1975 at the fall of the embassy in Saigon. I never met or knew my father from the US military. Now my mother has passed and I have no Information of my past at all. This seems to be a loss cause to gain my birth certificate and try to find my father. I am not looking for any financial gains just family history. If anyone has an idea to help, send me an email at Thank you.

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