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The Bean Store

On Saturday, Saigon tweeps and bloggers had an informal meetup at The Bean Store. Met with saigonnezumi, HerDailyDigest, sitesnbites, and other tweeps — and I quote saigonnezumi, “Meet ____. No blog.” ūüėÄ ¬†(Who else did I meet? My memory ain’t … Continue reading

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Book Spine Poetry

My friend Mia and I were chatting last night and she recommended a website, Book Spine Poetry. ¬†She knew I love poetry and creating poetry through book spines is something I haven’t tried. Unfortunately, moving to Saigon, I had to … Continue reading

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Who won the “How well do you know Saigon” game?

So a couple of weeks back, I posted a game,¬†How well do you know Saigon?¬†The person who gets the most number of correct answers will receive the pins in photo number 1. Here are the answers: Photo No. 1 | … Continue reading

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Top 10 Small Things To Celebrate

This morning I was listening to my favorite radio show, The Morning Rush of RX 93.1 (@rxtmr).¬† Daily they have a top 10 survey and each day, there‚Äôs a different topic.¬† So today, the topic was the Top 10 Small … Continue reading

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Do they teach Klingon?

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6 things to see on the road to Mui Ne

Hello again, Mui Ne! Not because I’ve been to Mui Ne twice already doesn’t mean I’m an expert in “vacationing” there. ¬†And I wasn’t really expecting to go anywhere other than the resort where we were staying because I had … Continue reading

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I turn one with Word HCMC

Three years ago, I wasn’t too sure what living in HCMC will be like. ¬†Three years late, I’m still wondering. There’s something about living in an your adopted country — you’re always in a state of wonder. ¬†And I am … Continue reading

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