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Getting to Phnom Penh

One thing that makes traveling in Vietnam easy is getting the services of The Sinh Tourist.  There are other travel and tour agencies around which I have yet to try but for now, The Sinh Tourist has been a good … Continue reading

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TLC Pizza and Donuts

I’m not sure how long TLC Pizza and Donuts has been around but it was only today that I’ve heard about it.  They were offering a 10% off deal plus free delivery if your order is 100kVND above.  And since … Continue reading

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Finding a Hotel in District 7

District 7 isn’t really a popular place to stay in when visiting Ho Chi Minh City.  It’s 30 minutes away from the city center which would mean around 120kVND additonal cost per cab fare.  It is popular though for those … Continue reading

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Baptism in Saigon?

Yup!  It can be done! 🙂 Since we finally have our official Birth Certificate, we were able to schedule our son’s baptism.  Besides that, the only other requirement from us parents is the Marriage Certificate. So how did we do it? … Continue reading

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4 More Things To Know About Saigon

My friends just left for Manila after a weekend stay in Saigon.  They had lots of stories to tell and found some pretty unusual stuff here so just to clarify — The airport tollgate fee costs 10,000 VND if I … Continue reading

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August Consular Mission

Bright and early today, we went to the Philippine Consular Office to process my son’s Report of Birth and Passport. We got there around 8:20 a.m. for the 9 a.m. Consular Mission and there already was a long line outside … Continue reading

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What can you get for a dollar?

So what can you get for a dollar in Vietnam?  Apparently a LOT of stuff.  Find out in this month’s edition of Word HCMC. From the top of my head you can get a dollar for — Dong Khoi-PMH bus … Continue reading

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Final Sprint on Securing a Birth Certificate in Vietnam

I know you guys must be tired of reading my posts on getting a birth certificate in Vietnam so  this is my last post on this topic. 😀 Just a bit of a rant though — I don’t understand why … Continue reading

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Olympics Fever

Have you guys been watching the Olympics?  I have been glued to our screen watching the different sports via ESPN and Star Sports.  Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any of our Pinoy athletes compete and only saw one Vietnamese compete for … Continue reading

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Morning Walk

It was late in the morning when I decided to take a walk.  I was gearing up when my son suddenly blocked my way out and begged to come with me.  And so we did with him still in his … Continue reading

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