Department of Foreign Affairs in Saigon

For authenticating documents, the Department of Foreign Affairs at 6 Alexandre de Rhodes St. in District 1 is the place to go.

I liked transacting with the people here.  And the fact that it doesn’t get too crowded and the signs are in English.  The transaction area is in a well-airconditioned room.

Oh and the best part?  Authentication only takes 1 day at the very affordable price of 30,000 VND per document.  You don’t even have to pay for it upfront.  You just pay when you’re going to get the document already.

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4 Responses to Department of Foreign Affairs in Saigon

  1. Hi, I want to verify my degree certificate ( it’s from India). Will they verify and sign it?

  2. stanley ng says:

    Dear Sir?madam

    I like to check with you my child birth certitficate as her mother put her name and did not put
    asshe forget to bring our marry certitifcate and can you seek advice that i can put my name legal as we marry legal please assist me with it as i am a foreign
    Thank You

    Yours Sincerely
    Stanley Ng

  3. mojtaba khatami says:

    Dear greetings,
    my agent submitted my document in 25th and not news yet. your staff claims that i contacted Iranian embassy to solve the problem actually no contact until i asked your another staff on monday to contact them. why your staff told me lie. that’s why i want to complain formally. i was wondering if you could me.
    I am looking forward to hearing you so soon.
    mojtaba khatami 0382337797

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