Morning Walk

It was late in the morning when I decided to take a walk.  I was gearing up when my son suddenly blocked my way out and begged to come with me.  And so we did with him still in his PJs.

I realized that in just 13 days, Sam will be starting school and we won’t have unhurried morning walks like this.  Though I’m excited to start walking him to his bus stop, I feel a twinge of sadness as I know that my son is officially starting to be independent.

At 9 am, the weather was surprisingly perfect.  It was a cool and sunny Saigon morning!

Look who we found having breakfast at Pasteles de Saigon?

Ria was just finishing up when we saw her so we walked her to the cab.

Sam once again saw the trees cut (as contingency as its going to be the rainy and windy months soon) and said, “Look mommy!  Giant slingshots!

And above is one of my favorite streets near our home with the trees forming a roof over the street.

That was a good morning walk!  Hope your morning turned out terrific too!

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