Olympics Fever

Have you guys been watching the Olympics?  I have been glued to our screen watching the different sports via ESPN and Star Sports.  Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any of our Pinoy athletes compete and only saw one Vietnamese compete for badminton.

And as usual China is dominating a lot of sports.  I loved the gymnastics competition and was able to watch the Men’s Parallel Bars Finals.

It’s interesting that the Silver medalist is of Vietnamese descent because his name is Marcel Nguyen representing Germany.  Honestly, I liked France’s (bronze) routine better than China and Germany.  I think he should have won.

In our very own neigbourhood, gymnastics is an ordinary thing —


I think this fearless guy must be some 17 floors up on his very own balance beam!  Look ma, no rope!

So what’s your favorite sport to watch in the Olympics?




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