What can you get for a dollar?

So what can you get for a dollar in Vietnam?  Apparently a LOT of stuff.  Find out in this month’s edition of Word HCMC.

From the top of my head you can get a dollar for —

Dong Khoi-PMH bus fare (15k)
Acrylic paint in small bottles along Le Loi (8k-10k)
Vietnamese Birth Certificate (15k)
Bubble Tea by Bubbly (15k)
A kilo of rice (17k)
Stamps (10.5k-13.5k)
Postcard (5k)

In this edition of Word, check out Bui Thanh Tam’s art —

Have you heard of the Dep Trai band?

I love listening to music so glad to have written a review on Norah Jones’ Little Broken Hearts.  Who ever said a heartbreak needs to have a sad song?

And lookie here it’s Wander Coffee again.



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1 Response to What can you get for a dollar?

  1. helpinghow says:

    Thank you Lyra, you help us make our point very clear. A little goes a long way in Vietnam. People donate a dollar and that is 2.5 pounds of rice… I need to get the entire list 🙂 Great work as usual. Thank you and I will share this on HOW’s causes page. See you in early September 😉
    Warm regards,

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