August Consular Mission

Bright and early today, we went to the Philippine Consular Office to process my son’s Report of Birth and Passport.

We got there around 8:20 a.m. for the 9 a.m. Consular Mission and there already was a long line outside — may be around 20 or so.  According to Fel, their househelp had been there queuing for her at 6:30 a.m. only to be #4 in the line!  Whoa.

Luckily, hubby checked the front of the line and there was an announcement by the gate stating that children under 6 months and pregnant ladies need not line up! Yay!

When we got in, they honored the list that our friend Sheila signed up for the day before so we were in fact #1 in the line because the first 2 weren’t around yet!  Thank goodness for friends!

Since it was the first day of the consular mission, technical difficulties were expected as the team hasn’t gotten their groove yet.  But we were very happy of how they handled the process because they always had a ready smile for us.  It was quite difficult taking photo of Rafa as we tried different tricks with him — and with the camera too (Manuel had to help out.).  They even let us have a break so I could feed Rafa.  I truly hope though that we get his passport with no more issues as we have to process next his residential certificate. Sigh.

Hope the next Consular Mission would have more booths and would be in a bigger venue to accommodate everyone.  Or they should at least visit once a month so there wouldn’t be too big a crowd.

I’m just so glad that’s over!

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