Baptism in Saigon?

Yup!  It can be done! 🙂

Since we finally have our official Birth Certificate, we were able to schedule our son’s baptism.  Besides that, the only other requirement from us parents is the Marriage Certificate.

So how did we do it?

  • Contact the Pastoral Center through Sister Ermie or Mr. Winston (6 BIS Ton Duc Thang St., D1).  You will be asked to fill out a form.
  • Submit the Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate.
  • Choose Catholic godparents and attend the seminar (Mr. Winston will do the scheduling).  They will also coordinate with the Notre Dame Cathedral for a priest and baptism schedule.
  • Show up at the Notre Dame Cathedral 15 minutes before the scheduled baptism.  Bring candles! 🙂

Yay!  Our son is now baptized!


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5 Responses to Baptism in Saigon?

  1. Grace says:

    Hi lyra!did they tell you when you can get the baptismal certificate? I don’t have 1 for gianna yet.

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  3. mary fatima says:

    hi! could you tell me details how foreigners like us from the philippines can get wed at the notre dame basilica. we dream to have this as our 30th wedding anniversary celebration. many thanks. borj

    • Lyra says:

      Hi. As far as I know, weddings are not being held in the Notre Dame Cathedral. But just to be sure you can contact Sir Winston at the Pastoral Centre at 6 BIS Ton Duc Thang St., District 1.

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