TLC Pizza and Donuts

I’m not sure how long TLC Pizza and Donuts has been around but it was only today that I’ve heard about it.  They were offering a 10% off deal plus free delivery if your order is 100kVND above.  And since their pizza is thin crust, I wanted to try it.

I just sent an SMS to their number and got a call to confirm my order.  I ordered the TLC Special by the way with the garlic and cheese. I just love garlic!

My friend was put off with the huge garlic on the pizza.  I have to admit I was surprised too.  But truthfully, I liked this one.

There was a bit of a mix up when I made the payment because the one who delivered— the owner was not aware of the discounts — from the email I received.  So I had to show her that first.  But she honored it and I paid the amount I expected to pay.


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3 Responses to TLC Pizza and Donuts

  1. Stephen says:

    Thanks so much for your blog and review of our pizza. TLC has been in business a relatively short time – just a bit over 3 months. The girl pictured in the menu is the chef, public relations director, (sometime) delivery person and wife. In her spare time she creates test pizzas for me to enjoy and comment on for possible future inclusion in the menu. Life is good. My bad for not reminding her of the promotion mentioned in the PMHN email sent. I simply adore garlic and can’t seem to ever get enough. The amount of garlic on the pizza can perhaps appear intimidating, but roasting the garlic with our special seasonings and olive oil tones down the bite while still keeping the lovely garlic fragrance. I hope you agree.

  2. sst36Stephen says:

    Hi, and thank you for your blog and review. We’ve been open for business 3 months now. The girl pictured in the menu is not just a model, she is also the executive chef, the director of public relations, sometime delivery person and full-time wife. In her spare time she experiments with new types of pizza. Since I’m the S.T.U.D. (surreptitious taster under domination) I get to be the uh…. taster. Life is good. I simply love garlic and can’t get enough. The TLC Special is testament to that. It can be intimadating perhaps to see all that garlic, but the garlic is roasted in our special seasonings and olive oil so the bite is gone but the heavenly taste & fragrance remains. We hope you agree. For both you and your readership, we would like to offer a 15% discount for all orders. Simply mention your blog to be entitled to the discount. Minimum order amount still applies. This offer is good until the end of September 2012. Thanks from the TLC gang.

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