Partying at The Bean Store

We had a triple celebration in August — hubby’s birthday, Sam’s birthday, and Rafa’s Baptism.  It took some time before we found a place and when I got to visit The Bean Store, I knew that IT was the place.  However, the place is small BUT the food is yummy!  There haven’t been any restaurants around serving their dishes in a beautifully conceptualized two-storey resto.

I admit I had to twist @tamkaizen’s arm just to let us hold the party there.  After all, they’ve been only in the business for a few months and haven’t had any experience holding huge events in such a tight space.   So I was really thankful he agreed and still, our friends are still raving about the food.  Forget the space. 😀

Taiyaki | Photo by Armi Deticio

We ordered the Takoyaki Octopus and Prawn.

Takoyaki | Photo by Armi Deticio

The Omurice, Chicken Teriyaki, Kway Teo, and Spam were all good!

Photo by Armi Deticio

To make things simple, we didn’t hold any games.  We just ate and let our photo booth do the entertaining.  It was a Sunday well-spent with family and friends.  Things have been busy for everybody so it’s great to finally be in just one room catching up.

We had a Mario Brothers Theme going on.

We had great fun!

Thanks again The Bean Store!

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3 Responses to Partying at The Bean Store

  1. helpinghow says:

    What a fun time it looks like was had by all!!! @Helping Orphans Worldwide, HOW will have our “Tutor Appreciation” function here this Sunday … hopefully if all goes well… if not this Sunday then next. Thanks to your recommendation it’s a winner on our list!! Thank you Lyra for sharing your cool spots with us!! Love the photos!!

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