Food Trip: Bon Mua

Now this one is a real food trip all the way to District 2.  At one point, we wanted to give up because our cabbie got lost.  If you’re coming from District 7, I think it’s better to get off at District 1 and get on another cab to District 2 because they’re more knowledgeable of the area.

Bon Mua Restaurant frontage boasts of a water display, glass panels, and marble stairs leading to the front door.  It looked very modern.  But when you get inside, all the dark, wooden furniture looks antique.   The first floor dining area is spacious and people can also dine by the balcony area.  The restaurant opens to the river, so largely, the restaurant is not airconditioned, save for a couple of private dining rooms.

Bon Mua serves Vietnamese food and if I weren’t so distracted with our kids, I would truly have enjoyed our meal because the food is really good.  We ordered congee for Sam, spring rolls, skewers, and chicken in fish sauce.  Sorry I didn’t get to take photos!

If only this place isn’t sooooo far off, I’d gladly come back and eat her again.  D2 people looking for some good Vietnamese cuisine, should try Bon Mua.

Bon Mua shall be the stage for the upcoming rock musical, The Rocky Horror Picture Show produced by The Lab starting October 31, 2012.

Bon Mua Restaurant
172 – 180 Nguyen Van Huong Street,Thao Dien Ward, District 2


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