Look what arrived in the mail today?

Oh yes!  Rafa’s passport came today via Express Mail Service!

After over two months processing of Birth Certificate and Passport, we finally received the final documents, including Report of Birth.  Would somebody know when the official Birth Certificate from NSO will be available?

The whole process wasn’t too hard — just really long (with all the processing time) and expensive.

But what matters is that, it can be done.  The Philippine Consulate in HCMC, Vietnam DFA, Department of Justice and People’s Committee were all actually easy to deal with in retrospect now that its all over.  Hehehe.

What happened was, we received a call last Wednesday from the Philippine Embassy in Hanoi and were instructed on the delivery procedure.  Then, after doing as asked last Friday, we received the passport today.

Hooray for government services! 🙂



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1 Response to Look what arrived in the mail today?

  1. Mylene says:

    Hi Lyra!!

    Hi!!! just have a question about the passport application of your son…. Does it only took 2months for his passport application? And is’t possible to apply the report of birth and the passport at the same time?? Coz we will be applying a passport for my baby, we are here in Saigon and needs to fly to Hanoi for that, I’m planning to fly there on The 5th of January 2015, just with my baby coz my husband will be back to work after the holidays off…. Just wondering how long will it take when I start submitting all the necessary documents for the passport application coz we want to fly to the Phils on the holyweek nxt year 🙂

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