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Last year I was lamenting the lack of theatre shows I can watch in Saigon.  Today?  I’m having a hard time scheduling and budgeting for the plays I wanna watch.

Starting with Rocky Horror by The Lab on October 31, then on to The Little Prince by Dragonfly Theatre Co. which I will be watching with other 17 friends (yup!  That’ll surely be fun!) on November 10, then the panto, Miss Summer Night’s Cream by The Saigon Players.  What’s terrific with these thespians is that all proceeds go to their chosen charities.

Emily Huckson, one of the pioneers of The Saigon Players tells:

This is fun for the whole family as it will be presented in the British Panto Style. This means that children sit closer to the stage and are encouraged to participate (hissing for the evil character, counting to ten in VN to make the magic happen, tell some characters what has happened, etc) while the verbal humour is more suitable for adults and just flys over the kids heads. In this way, both adults and children can be entertained.
SaiGon Players began in 2003 with a small group of foreigners who enjoyed theatre. Much like Dart Clubs, Wine Tasting Groups and the Hash House Harriers, ex-pats in SaiGon craved diversion and, as a result, created their own. Street hockey leagues, baseball groups, ultimate Frisbee and the international choir are just a few of the clubs/groups that formed in the late 1990’s – early 2000’s. Most, like Saigon Players, are not licensed or supported by anyone outside their own memberships.
The membership continues to grow with everyone excited about each new production, giving their time and talent to give back to the community. SaiGon Players mandate is “Upholding the Arts while giving to charity”. To date we have produced and presented more than 15 different shows for the community – all have been very well attended as English language theatre is hard to come by in SGN. We have presented dramas, sketch comedies, Murder Mystery dinner theatre and British Style Pantos – which encourage audience participation, especially from the wee ones!
We have supported a number of worthy causes such as Loreto’s ‘swim with a vision’ project, Sesame School of culinary arts for the underprivileged, the Phuc Heart Fund – helping to assist with the cost of a vital operation – that, in fact, did save the little boy and the Sunshine Volunteer group – to name a few.
SaiGon Players continue their club nights on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00PM at La Habana, 6 CCao Ba Quat St. D1


So if you want to be entertained with a heavy dash of culture, do check out these shows!


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