5 Things I Miss Most About Manila

Hello agian, Saigon!

Our family flew to Manila for a much-needed vacation just in time for my son’s school fall break.  When we got home in the wee hours of the morning today, my son said, “Home, sweet home!”

It IS sweet to be back!

My adoptive country has been very good to us but we still very much miss the Philippines. 🙂 Other than missing all our family, relatives, and friends in Manila and of course THE FOOD — here’s my top 5 things I miss most about my country.

1.  Driving

I so do not miss the Manila traffic but I’ve got to admit that I missed driving — having the freedom to go wherever you want wherever without having to worry about how I’m going to lug the kids around.

2.  Malls

Manila has terrific, humongous malls that have EVERYTHING.  From pet grooming to movie houses, from car accessories to formal wear.  EVERYTHING.  You don’t need to spend for precious petrol just to find what you need.  Just park in one place and shop.

3.  I’m size 3.

No, not XL or size 5 but yes, size 3/medium 😀

4.  Street food

Yes, there are street food here in Vietnam but I still miss our street food back home like mangoes or singkamas with bagoong and fish balls!

5.  Designer Coffee

Starbucks. Seattle’s Best. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.  Gloria Jeans.  I know Vietnam has the last two but I’ve got beautiful memories of spending time with family and friends over Starbucks coffee.  And now, they’ve got drive-thru too!


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