Wake Up Saigon!

I love coffee!  BUT not those strong ones.

For my 3-in-1, it’s Vinacafe for me.  I’ve tried G7 and Trung Nguyen but they’re too strong for my taste.

I do love G7 though for my home made ca phe sua da.

An officemate told me to try Nescafe’s Cafe Viet.  I have yet to try that one.  But really, I try to veer away from brands we already have back home.  Although I’m pretty sure the Cafe Viet is a different concoction compared to our Nescafe coffee products in the Philippines.

Anyhoo, in my preparations to get home to Manila 2 weeks ago, I chanced upon Wake Up Cafe Saigon.

This new 3-in-1 coffee mix is also from Vinacafe. 😉  I don’t know what’s written on the packet — on what makes it different from the original.  But if you ask me, I still like the original Vinacafe coffee.

What about you?  What’s your favorite 3-in-1 coffee mix in Vietnam?

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2 Responses to Wake Up Saigon!

  1. yousef65 says:

    Not much coffee in all these ‘3-in-1’ packs. Just artificial coffee flavorings and scent oils, have you noticed that strong but ‘artificial’ coffee scent wafting around every time you prepare a hot cup….I can even smell that artificial coffee scent when I urinate (pardon please) after drinking any of these ‘3-in-1’ concoctions.

    • Lyra says:

      Hi! I know exactly what you mean. I actually studied about coffee a while back in preparation for a business. I know 3-in-1 mixes are not real coffee but it’s coffee for the lazy people like me. 😉

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