5 Things I Miss Most About Saigon (while vacationing elsewhere)

It was good to be in Manila last week.  Funny though that when we were there, I was kinda missing Saigon too.

I hate living out of a suitcase.  With a toddler and baby in tow, it was nightmarish going through 3 suitcases to find what I needed.  And I really need help in the art of packing because all our clothes were wrinkly.  Good though that my mom-in-law and aunt-in-law were all so very kind to help us out.

Here’s my 5 Things I Miss Most About Saigon —

1.  Saigon Traffic

I’ve heard a lot of times how Saigon traffic is SOOOO bad.  But really?  You don’t know the meaning of TRAFFIC until you’ve lived in Manila (or may Jakarta — I heard it’s worse there!).  It is so much easier to get from point A to point B here in Saigon.  Trust me.

2.  Taxi Cabs

Yes, people always complain that there are notorious cabs here in Saigon but the Vietnamese are so lucky in terms that cab drivers won’t turn you away when they find out where you wanna go.  They may get agitated a bit if you’re going somewhere near and still rode their cab but then again, they’d still take you where you wanna go.  Plus, cab drivers here are  well-dressed.

3.  Walkability

At least where I live, everything is just within walking distance.  So truly easy to get to find things you need.  Although, nothing beats Manila’s malls. 😀

4.  Saigon Weather

I know it’s hot but at least it’s predictable.  In Manila, we were just there for a week but we experienced a typhoon.  I do miss the sound of the rain but hated being scared if it’ll become a full typhoon that’ll blow off our roof. 😦  I know I’m exaggerating.  But after Ondoy and Habagat (He who must not be named), you can just imagine how difficult it is to predict how the weather will pan out.  Luckily though, we had more beautiful days than rainy days when we were in Manila.

5.  My Internet Access

Specifically 3G.  Not only is 3G a little bit more reliable here in Saigon, it also comes very cheap!!!  Let’s just say that the price I paid for a week in Manila could have paid for my 3 months access here in Vietnam. 😛

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2 Responses to 5 Things I Miss Most About Saigon (while vacationing elsewhere)

  1. Love your travel bog. Love to see new food, coffee and places, especially from a cheerful (if not grateful) traveler. Keep posting!

    Mark L.

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