Belated Happy Halloween!

Like last year, we had another happy halloween — although a bit late because of the busy schedules of everybody involved. Because we celebrated Halloween three days late, I thought nobody would still be interested but lo and behold we had around 15 kids and 11 apartments to visit!

I spent most of the day yesterday pumping balloons which I saved from last year’s.   So I put them on the door again and recycled my bat and pumpkin from last year too!

Sam dressed up in his “Sam the Builder” but when he came back to our apartment, he changed into his Mario Brothers ensemble.  It was good to see him in such high spirits after a sick week.

I prepared some candies for the kids of course and really liked the eyeball candy!

But we too ended up with a huge stash of candies!  This will last us till next Halloween!

The kids got pretty tired and we winded down for some photo booth fun and Bubbly.

Oh and yup, Rafa came dressed in his bumbleebee costume too! 🙂

Special thanks to Pastor Francis and Tita Bing for scaring the kids!

Hope you had a happy Halloween too! 🙂

Check out our photo booth shots here by Photo Oi. 🙂

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