Want to watch The Little Prince?

Last Saturday, our group of 18 (a mix of adults and kids) headed for Saigon Bowl to watch Dragonfly Theatre Company’s original adaptation of one of the most-loved books of all time, The Little Prince.

I had some doubts about the whole thing because I really — for the life of me — can’t imagine how it can be turned into a theatre production.  But as with The Importance of Being Earnest and The Last 5 Years, I came out of the theatre with a huge smile on my face.  Dragonfly Theatre Company took on this classic and made it contemporary peppering it with humor.

I’ve loved Nguyen Lan Phuong, Aaron Toronto, and Nguyen Ha Tu Trinh since I first watched them in The Importance of Being Earnest.  And Nguyen Ha Tu Trinh has become an effective actress on stage.  She owned the roles of the Snake and the Vain Woman in this new production.  Hats off to Nguyen Lan Phuong for pulling off The Little Prince role.  I remembered her performance as Gwendolen Fairfax and it was a exciting to see her take on a male role.

The role of The Rose was wonderfully brought to life by Ngo Thuy Bich.  Do Tran Anh-Minh who performed the role of The King was a riot.  I saw him last in La Vita e La Morte for a poetry reading and it was a revelation to see him act.  He was one of our favorites in the whole production.

I have to commend the writers, Aaron Toronto and Jaime Zuniga for the excellent interpretation of the book.  Loved the lines and our group had lots of LOL moments.

Jaime, who’s also the director took on the roles of The Fox, The Lamplighter, and The Tippler.  You just gotta see him!  Honestly though, everybody shined in this production.  It was just so amusing to watch the show and anticipate how a role would be interpreted and  truthfully, watching The Little Prince on stage is so much more entertaining than the book. 🙂

Oh can I just give a standing ovation to the plane in the set?  What a sight!  I was truly impressed by the costumes!  Dragonfly Theatre Company has gone a long way!  Can’t wait to see what’s next in store for us all theatre-lovers.

Because of the tremendous response of the public, Dragonfly Theatre Company has added new show on November 20,  6PM at the Phu Nhuan Theatre.  You can book by emailing tickets@dragonflyvietnam.com.

BUT WAIT!  There’s more!

Dragonfly is joining in the Hello Saigon turns 2 celebration by giving away a couple of VIP tickets (yes 2 front row-center tickets!!!) for November 20. First to answer all the questions below correctly gets the tickets!

1.  What is the website address of Dragonfly Theatre Company?
2.  Give the titles of the previous 2 productions of Dragonfly.
3.  Where does the The Little Prince live?

Email me your answer at hellogsaigoncity@gmail.com.  If you win but have bought your tickets for this show already, your ticket cost will be refunded.

Kudos to Dragonfly Theatre Company and more productions to come!


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3 Responses to Want to watch The Little Prince?

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  3. Alena says:

    Funny photos! 🙂 Love Exupery novells!

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