Food Trip: Khoi Thom

A couple of weeks ago, we were introduced to this colorful, Mexican-Vietnamese fusion place in District 3, Khoi Thom.

Okay so if you’re like walking along this street and out of nowhere there’s this sudden burst of colors, you know you’re in Khoi Thom.  The place is vibrant and suddenly, you just feel happy and excited!

Normally, I’d go for the laid back type of a place with muted colors but despite the neon-y thing that Khoi Thom has, it didn’t look gaudy to me.

I even loved the toilet designed with French tiles — terrific for photo shoots! 😉

But of course the highlight of this restaurant is the FOOD!

Order whatever is on the photo above and you won’t be disappointed!  And the price?  I swear you won’t break into a sweat.  BUT wait!  They don’t accept plastic.  Which is kinda mind-boggling when I believe its being run by the same people behind Au Parc, Hoa Tuc, etc.

Oh well, but the food still is awesome!

They have weekly events by the way:

Wednesday – Margarita Madness for 290,000 VND (all you can drink Margarita from 8PM-10:30PM)

Thursday – Taco Night for 25,000 VND

Friday – Luna Negra Latino Live Band

Saturday Sangria – 1 Sangria jug  + 1 bar food for 305,000 VND

Khoi Thom
 29 Ngo Thoi Nhiem, D3

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