What was the Word in November?

It’s December tomorrow but it was only recently that I got a hold of the November issue of the Word magazine.

Really interesting stuff in here too.  I especially liked the feature on Ben Thanh Market wherein 3 challengers were tasked to buy stuff.  They navigated through the market and haggled.  The person who paid the least amount won!

I was in Ben Thanh early this week and even though I’ve been there lots of times, I can’t help but be amazed by the stuff sold there.  If I only have a huge budget shopping, I’d be splurging a lot there and get the home decor items that I liked, the baking stuff, and even the bags!  And it’s always exhilarating to walk away with goodies that you were able to negotiate the value at a much, much lower price.  Or so you think. 🙂

Have you tried the kebabs and crepes at Kebab Sai Thanh?

Remember my Elle Cafe post just last week?

Check out Pain in Deck, Drums and Rock & Roll.

And of course, fellow Filipino, Nomer Adona‘s works —

Want to read more on Word HCMC?  Download the full November issue here.

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