The Engraver / Khac Chu

2012-11-29 11.42.11

Armed with his handy engraver set, anh oi finished engraving 3 of my pens in no time at all.  I was so happy!  For only 10,000 VND for each pen!

Just a short story.  For days, I’ve been contacting Parker Vietnam to let me know on how to have their pens engraved. I went to their stall in Parkson Paragon but was informed that they only do free engraving when purchasing 10 pens or more.  I’ve heard that Parkson in District 1 can do engraving but you’d have to wait for a couple of days.  The other alternative is to go to their showroom at 199 Nguyen Thai Hoc St in D1 (which was kinda out of my way) and still I had no idea if I’ll be able to get my pens engraved that same day.

So anyhoo, thanks to Patrick Hughes lead — he told me about the cutter who sits right out in front of Fahasa along Le Loi St. in D1.  I actually didn’t see him there first because the other (pirated) pen sellers looked enticing with lots of their pens beckoning to me.  Stupid me, I actually walked past this man who was really just sitting at the steps of Fahasa’s entrance!  Troi oi!

You can not know how happy I was just having the engraving done at long last!  I was actually contemplating asking my brother back home to buy the pens for me and have em engraved in National Bookstore in Manila (yes most National Bookstores do this for free).  Times like this, I really miss how so easy things are back home. Sigh.

BUT still, anh oi is such a good find and I just want to share this bit of info for other people like me looking for an engraver! 😉

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