The Return of MJ’s Kitchen

2012-12-07 18.47.58I first tried out MJ’s Kitchen early this year.  Then they suddenly closed in the middle of the year saying they’d be back at a better location.  And the months dragged on and we still didn’t hear from them.  So when we found out that they moved so close by, we were ecstatic.  I know that sounds over the top but we really missed MJ’s barbecues.

They’re now right next to another of our favorite restaurant, Peaches.

2012-12-03 15.10.47And I love their furniture.  Some chairs were familiar because we have the same at home.  The second floor is spacious with a white/off white on lime green theme going on.  I’m pretty sure all chairs are from UMA.


And the food?  Well, they’ve made some changes to their menu and the barbecues are now termed as grilled.  I’ve tried the Grilled Pork Belly with Red Pepper Paste Sauce and Bibimbab.  Both are yummy and something I’ll definitely come back for.  I really am not a fan of Korean dishes but if you live in our area, you’ll become a convert.

Oh and if you’re Filipino, you might want to try their Beef-rib Soup which is their take on our Nilagang Baka.

PhotoGrid_1355190892802Food are served with 3 side dishes (I kinda miss the several side dishes MJ used to serve) and brown rice.  The price of food is from 90kVND and below.

New in their menu are the Nasi Goreng, Iced Buckwheat Noodles, Pad Thai, Thai Chile, and more.

Find them at S58-1 Sky Garden 2 or call them up at 08 54106251.

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