Who’s your pediatrician in HCMC?

2012-10-18 15.21.34One of my frustrations as a mom here in Vietnam is that I don’t have a personal pediatrician — someone we can call at any time — whether it’s just a bout of cold or a real emergency.  Back in Manila, we have our family doctor who we can spend a full hour (or even more) talking about our kid’s health and even sometimes about our family in general.  Sadly, here in Vietnam, we don’t.  I sometimes rely on pedia-friends back home (Hi Doc Art!) who may not be available physically but ARE available on FB! 😛

Don’t get me wrong!  I have found gems of pediatricians in FV Hospital like Dr. Dien, Dr. Cham, and Dr. Didier.  The closest to my chatty pedia back home is Dr. Cham. 🙂  She’s a charmer and have lots of good advice.  And I like that she’s not an alarmist.  She has a calming effect on me whenever I bring to her my sick child.

I just wish though that they’d share their mobile number to me so that I feel reassured that I have someone to call in case of emergencies.

So for (Saigon) moms out there that might need some information as they monitor their children’s health and growth, here’s some notes my sister (a physical therapist who’s studying medicine) shared with me:

Basic Pedia Notes

Sometimes I wish they taught us about parenting and pediatrics back in school.  But hey, please consult your pediatrician for professional advice and just don’t rely on the notes above.

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5 Responses to Who’s your pediatrician in HCMC?

  1. marketinglpdkids says:

    Pediatricians are responsible for the health care needs of young people, generally from birth to early adulthood. Childrens dentist

  2. vicky83709 says:

    I have a cousin who is need of a pediatrician in Saigon. She is suffering from chronic stomach pain. Her mother has taken her to several doctors in Saigon, but the pain continues to return. Do you have someone you would recommend? Thank you in advance.

  3. Lyra says:

    All pediatricians speak English.

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