Are you too chicken?

For the longest time, KFC has been lording over the fast food chains serving chicken.  But 2012 — inspite of it being the year of the Water Dragon, 😛  is actually the year of the chicken — at least in this part of Ho Chi Minh City.

So in our neighbourhood, KFC has found a lot of competition.  Remember Papa’s Chicken?  You have got to try their fried chicken and soy chicken. 😉

2012-12-15 21.27.19In the same stretch, there’s Dak’s Chicken and HOF.  Can somebody enlighten me what HOF means?

2012-12-15 21.24.35You’ve got to watch out for the opening of these two upcoming fast food chains in Phu My Hung — Popeye’s —

704360_10151525755527646_2096587519_oand Texas Chicken —

2012-12-15 21.20.00Another chicken restaurant that just opened is Love Me Tender which boasts of New Orleans style chicken as well as Mexican —

2012-12-19 14.42.42and last but not the least, there’s Lucky Chick —

2012-12-15 20.42.35It’s half-owned by a Filipino so the taste of chicken and barbecue here is very much like what we’re used to back home.  A friend attests that it’s like Chicken Inasal. 😉

Yesterday, we ordered some food here and I must say, their barbecue is panlasang Pinoy!

2012-12-19 17.34.31The chicken is delicious too but I really am just wishing for the gravy to taste like something from Baliwag’s Lechon Manok! 😉  But that’s just me, okay?

2012-12-19 17.34.39Am really glad though that Lucky Chick has come into town.  So whenever I get my chicken craving — Pinoy style, I know who to call.  Below is their contact details:

Lucky Chick
08 54121211
Filipino and English – 01286433000 – Thess
Vietnamese – 01224429366 – Ngan
Email –
SC5 Lo 1 H19-2 Parkview, duong Nguyen Duc Canh, PMH, D7

If you include KFC, that’s 7 restaurants serving chicken within a kilometer.  😉

[Update: Lucky Chick ain’t so lucky. Closed in 2013]

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4 Responses to Are you too chicken?

  1. scott says:

    except KFC is gone! i think it will be a Burger King 😉 will try lucky chick, can you make some recommendations of what’s good to try? not familiar with the food of the Philppines yet! thanks, scott

    • Lyra says:

      Hi Scott! Yeah saw that KFC is gone too. I though that they were just doing some renovations!

      Just order their pork barbecue and fried chicken. 😉 Hope you like it!

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