Where to stay in Dalat?

I love hotels but staying in one can be quite pricey if you plan to stay for a number of days in a place and since we were with a huge group, we opted to stay at a villa-turned-hotel in Dalat recommended by friends, YK Home Villa.

2012-12-24 15.52.11

Actually, there are a lot of homey villas around so I think it’s quite easy to book for places to stay there.  YK Home Villa is found just outside the city center so you’d probably need to book a car or ride a motorbike to get to the center.  It’s quite near actually, maybe a 5 minute ride?

YK Home Villa is operated by a mother-daughter team.  Mary, the daughter, is the friendly face behind the reception desk ready to be of service to all the guests.  She speaks good English so it was a breeze doing the booking (via email) and organizing things in the villa for our group.  We got 5 rooms (2 suites and 3 de luxe)  and all were blissfully clean and tidy.  All rooms are non-airconditioned because really, you don’t need this in Dalat.  The rooms are chilly but for us people from Saigon, the chill is a blessing!  And besides, its warm ‘neath the covers! 🙂

The suite includes a king-size bed, a twin bed, and a sofa bed.  Really big!  My brother who was visiting from Manila wasn’t able to get a room but he slept just fine on the sofa bed at the adjacent receiving area of our suite.  Oh and we had a private balcony too but man, we didn’t get to use that because it was really cold.

2012-12-24 15.59.39

We had a beautiful view of the field outside and during the evenings, you’d see it wonderfully lit up with the Christmas lights.

Since this is a 3-storey villa, it doesn’t have elevators — which is really quite fine by me.  But if you’re nursing a sore knee, you might want to request to get the 1st floor room.

2012-12-25 16.56.38


The common area at the first floor has computers guests can use but the whole villa has WIFI so you can surf in the comfort of your own room.

2012-12-25 16.56.31Breakfast by the way was included in the room payment.  They serve pho ga and light breakfast like bread and scrambled eggs, bread and omelette, etc.

2012-12-27 09.05.33Would we stay here again?  ABSOLUTELY!  We had an amazing experience and the staff is wonderfully courteous!



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5 Responses to Where to stay in Dalat?

  1. how much for the de luxe?

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  3. Le Vy says:

    You can check homestay in dalat out. The price is from 10$ per night.

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