Happy 5th Anniversary Word!

2013-01-09 10.42.05We’re celebrating Word’s 5th anniversary this month!

This month, there’s a very insightful article, “Picking Up The Pieces,” on Vietnam’s resolve to move on from the anguish brought about by the war.  Speaking of the war, I recently borrowed a very elementary book Saigon’s history.  Thought that would be interesting to share here on my next post.  I’m no history buff but I like to understand the country I’m living in.

Back to Word this January, read up on the initiatives of NGOs in helping Vietnam get on its feet.

Also, happy to feature a couple of Filipino in Deck, Drums and Rock ‘n Roll, Sitti Gomez and Jason Jazz. 😉

2013-01-09 10.42.49I met Sitti once while visiting a friend who have just given birth at the hospital (Hi Tita Erna!) and was told that she sings at different bars apart from her regular teaching gig.

2013-01-09 10.43.32Comedy Nights are getting quite popular in Saigon too and it’s really something to see especially having so much diversity in the crowd.

2013-01-09 10.42.36Oh and if you missed meeting artist, Zan Doan, you might want to check out my interview with him.

Happy Anniversary Word!

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