Buffet Lau Nuong Tan Cang

2012-12-29 20.34.27During the holidays, friends invited us for a birthday dinner at Buffet Lau Nuong Tan Cang in Binh Thanh District.

The restaurant is right beside the Saigon River with white tents pitched near the banks for the buffet and the dining areas.

I think for hot pot buffet such as this place, it’s really best to have the dining area outdoors as it can get quite smoky when lots of groups start cooking.

Luckily though, the place wasn’t packed but the buffet table is. 🙂

2012-12-29 19.47.17Meat, seafood, and vegetables fill the buffet table so you have lots of choices for your hotpot and barbecue.

2012-12-29 19.47.58There’s an ice cream counter and yup, a beer counter too!

2012-12-29 19.48.39What’s the difference between a Pinoy table and a Vietnamese table?  The ratio of meat to vegetables. 😉  Yes, we Pinoys love our meat! 😀

2012-12-29 18.17.41This is a great place for families as there is a playground where kids can romp while the adults eat.  Oh but if you’re planning to bring babies, the baby chair or high chair doesn’t have any proper belt or secure feature so you might just want to bring your own stroller.  What I did was strap our baby carrier (with our baby in it) around the high chair.

2012-12-29 18.17.35Listen to live music while you eat and enjoy the bartender showing his moves too!

2012-12-29 20.37.22Terrific place for big events!  Very spacious!

Buffet Lau Nuong Tan Cang
100 Ung Van Khiem St.,
Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, HCMC
083. 8991. 120
Adults – 250kVND
Children – 140kVND

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