Vietnam Visa Stamping and Temporary Residence Card Fees

220120122283Totally giving all the credit for all the Visa information I’m sharing here.

For some reason this past month alone, I’ve been getting a lot of queries from fellow Pinoys on how to get Vietnam Visa extension.  And no, not because I have a brother working in the Philippine DFA means that I have knowledge on this.  Just a reminder, the host country — in this case — Vietnam, determines the rules and costs on Visa extension and not the Philippines.

This is the circular released by the government on the Visa Stamping Fee.  It’s in Vietnamese but Owee58, translated it, so am re-sharing below:


1)    Stamping Fee and Resident Cards

Amending And Supplementing The Circular No.66/2009/Tt-Btc, Of March 30, 2009 Of The Ministry Of Finance Stipulating The Regime On Collection, Remittance, Management And Use Of Fees On Passports, Visas And Papers On Entry, Exit, Transit And Residence In Vietnam takes effect on January 01, 2013. It will cost foreign and overseas Vietnamese visitors to nearly double to obtain visas to come to Vietnam starting next year.


Type of fees

Fee rate

1 Single-entry   visas USD 45
2 Multiple-entry   visas
a)            Valid for less than 01 month USD 65
b)            Valid for less than 06 months USD 95
c)            Valid for 6 months or more USD 135
3 Transfer of   validity of visas or temporary residence from expired passports to new   passports USD 15
4 Temporary   residence cards:
Valid for up to 1   year USD 80
Valid for between   over 1 year and 2 years USD 100
Valid for between   over 2 year and 3 years USD 120

Requirement visa on arrival

Applicants must enter Vietnam by air to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city or Saigon and DaNang city.

Two passport photos size 4 x 6 cm.

Printing approval letter to get boarding.

Download form on arrival

Paying stamping fee in cash USD at the airport when picking up visa.

Read the entire circular from the Ministry of Finance here.

Again, thanks to Owee58 for all the information.

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8 Responses to Vietnam Visa Stamping and Temporary Residence Card Fees

  1. helpinghow says:

    Oh this effects Helping Orphans Worldwide, HOW in a huge way!!! Wow thank you for sharing this, I will share as well. We love your wonderful updates!! xoxox

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    Vietnam Visa Stamping and Temporary Residence Card Fees

  3. Jeff says:

    well I just applied for a 3 single entry Visas for a stayof under 3 weeks, via the Vn embassy in Canberra,… paid A$65 each, only for the embassy to come back to the Travel Agent requesting another $15 each visa – total $80 per unit – thats about US$84

    • Lyra says:

      Hi Jeff. I am not aware of costs if you get Visa from abroad. There may be charges such as paying your travel agent processing fee? From experience, processing documents with our own embassy here is much more expensive compared to processing it back home. So, I’m guessing it may be the same for other embassies. Just a thought.

  4. llktraveling says:

    Reblogged this on LLK Traveling and commented:
    Thanks for the helpful post!
    Have a good day yourself 🙂

  5. Tereza Lopes says:

    Beautiful description in the post. My all doubts regarding visa had gone. The information in this post will help many tourists.

  6. blogprotest says:

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