What’s the best International School in Ho Chi Minh City?

2013-01-16 11.27.13I don’t know. 🙂

I think it’s a matter of preference.  I prefer that a school should have a balance between academics and extra-curricular activities PLUS a good fit with my own family’s lifestyle and values.  So I’m guessing, the best international for some may not be the best for me.

But why the focus on international schools?  From what I know (and hear), Vietnamese local schools don’t teach English in their curriculum.  So if you’re an expat with children who need to go to school, the obvious option is to put your kid/s in an international school.  I’ve seen local schools hold classes during the weekend wherein kids are taught English apart from the usual curriculum.  That’s just kinda sad (for me) — less family time for the kids.

It’s been a hot topic in the forums.  I think I came across this topic first in www.livinginvietnam.com.  If you want a comparison between the different international schools, here’s a link from Saigon Parents website.  This is a good resource especially if you’re looking to do some budgeting.  Needless to say, international school tuition fees are no laughing matter.  So, if you have to choose one, choose wisely. Here’s the chart for easy viewing. Click to enlarge.

 photo intvsdual_zps8ef32eb3.png

This isn’t updated by the way. ACG has folded into the Australian International School.

Oh and I believe that kids although education is a serious matter, they should always have some time for fun.

2013-01-16 09.01.26

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17 Responses to What’s the best International School in Ho Chi Minh City?

  1. tu van says:

    american school is good
    either riss is good

  2. Long Huynh says:

    I would disagree that either of those schools is good. If you have money, the best schools are SSIS, ISHMC, and BIS. The rest are all mediocre or terrible, and many of them are just corporate greed machines.

    • Lyra says:

      Hi Long Huynh! Thank you for your comment. Actually, I agree on your recommendations. My son studies at SSIS and is thriving. I love that school.

      However, just wanna ask if you would know of private schools here in HCMC that uses English as mode of instruction?

    • Ioana says:

      I read your comment about the schools .
      In your opinion which one has a more academic level, the SSIS or ISHCMC or BIS?
      We will move soon in Saigon and we need to appy to schools…
      Can you recomend which one is the best and why?

      • Lyra says:

        Hi Ioana. I can only speak for SSIS. The early childhood development program SSIS is terrific. My son is thriving and the teachers are attentive to the needs of the kids. For the higher levels, I have friends’ kids who enjoys studying at SSIS as well and are excelling. I know of friends as well who have sent their children to BIS and ISHCMC. Seems like both are excellent schools.

  3. Ioana says:

    Thanks so much for your replay!
    Can you also tell me where shoud i libe in D 7 or D2? Which district is more clean and less traffic … I think i should live in the same district where will be the school, am i right?
    Can you tell me if there is a waiting list for ISHCMC?
    One more time , thank you!!!

  4. Ioana says:

    Dear Lyra,

    Please recomend me which is the best compound in D7 and D2?

  5. Ioana says:

    Dear Lyra

    Thank you so much ! Can you tell me if in D7 there is a nice villas compound with swimmimg pool?
    My children are also in the American school in Moscow and i also think that SSIS is the best decission !
    Also i looked to D7 and you are right it is green and a lot a spaces…

  6. Kang says:

    Hi, I’m from Singapore. Looking for international school for my 4yrs old daughter. Read a lot about SSIS, ISHMC, and BIS. Other than these any other good one in or near D7? Is Canadian Inter in Phu My Hung good?

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  8. angela says:

    Hi, my children are 6 and 3 is there a smaller international play based school in D7 or close by D7 you can recommend. SSIS seems to be very large and I would prefer a smaller environment for my young children

  9. lawrence lee says:

    hi, I have 4 kid range from 10 ,12,14 they have being in Chinese school. I just being transfer to ho chiminh Thus would to seek your advice which english international school is more suitable, to easy to enrol.
    Is Australia internation school is more suitable or British international school.
    Thank you.

  10. Brendan says:

    Saigon Star International School is a relatively unknown gem. Really worth considering!

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