Scott and Binh’s: Up Close

IMG_8287Rated #2 out of 687 restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City via Tripadvisor, Scott and Binh’s has exceeded expectations for a restaurant that’s just a year old and situated far from Saigon’s business center.

It’s no secret that Scott and Binh’s is one of my favorite restaurants in Phu My Hung.  Why do I enjoy coming back?  Of course the food is excellent!  But more than that, I like the fact that Chef Scott mans both the front and back-end of the business.  Every person who comes to eat knows how he looks like.  He’s very personal and takes time to get to know every one who comes by.  He even remembers my favorite meal!

Read on as Chef Scott answered some of my questions about him and his passion.

HS:  Where are you originally from and how did you get to Vietnam? (I’m talking about his journey!  Not the transportation, okay? 😀 )

Chef Scott:  I grew up in Maine, USA.  After owning restaurants in Maine, I moved out to Seattle, and had a cushy corporate chef job. Wasn’t learning anything food-wise, so gave my notice, cashed out my 401k, and did some traveling. On my travels to SE Asia (December-March 2007-8), I met an American  Viet Kieu who wanted to open a restaurant in Hoi An.  So, I went back to my seasonal job in Alaska, saved all my money, andbrought all my pots and pans over in October 2008, and have been here ever since.

HS:  Can you tell me about your culinary experience in Vietnam?

Chef Scott:  In VN, I have consulted at Cargo Club in Hoi An, Helped open up an American Style donut shop in Hanoi, worked at a resort in Danang, and worked at Vasco’s in HCMC. The original restaurant in Hoi An never worked out.

HS:  When did Scott and Binh open?  Who is Binh? (I’m sure you guys are wondering who Binh is too!)

Chef Scott:  Scott and Binh’s opened up December 30th 2011. Binh is my business partner, and CEO of the hotel group. Scott and Binh’s is a completely separate business from the Bizu Hotel, we just lease the space from the hotel. Oh, and my wife is Duc. 🙂 She helps me run the restaurant.

Scott, Duc, and Zoey!

Scott, Duc, and Zoey!

HS:  What’s your bestseller?

Chef Scott:  Your favorite is our best seller, the Chili Roasted Pork Tenderloin.

Chili Roasted Pork Tenderloin (1)

HS:  Any new recipe you’d like us to try out?

Chef Scott:   I created a new sandwich recently, and we are running it as a feature now:

5 spice pork sandwich – slow roasted pork shoulder with 5 spice powder, grilled onions, dill pickles, cucumber and cabbage slaw, siracha-lime mayonnaise on toasted bread. Served with your choice of green salad or potato wedges

5 spice pork

<insert drool>


Thanks Scott for answering my Qs! 🙂  Can’t wait to come back!  See you soon!

Scott and Binh’s Restaurant
Bizu Hotel
15-17 Cao Trieu Phat St., Hung Phuoc 1
Phu My Hung, D7

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5 Responses to Scott and Binh’s: Up Close

  1. lulu says:

    I’m delighted to find your blog as I will be in Vietnam in a few weeks. I will be traveling with 3 friends and all of us spend most of our time in Maine. What fun to seek out a restaurant that has a Mainer in the kitchen.

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