Woohoo Saigon!

Here’s a new website that may pique your interest, Woohoo Saigon.  If you’re new to Saigon and don’t know where the best places to while your time away, let Woohoo Saigon show you.

  photo WHSG1_zps63d403aa.png

Honestly, try their Shuffle.  This is actually really interesting for people like me who have been in Saigon for a some time and THINK they know every happening place around.

I remember back when I was still working in the Philippines and my team was assigned to a province that provided very little options for us on where to eat — because it seemed liked we were eating at the same place every. single. day., our programmer made a very simple program that shuffled all the possible places where we could eat.  So with just one click on a button, we’d know where to go.  It’s a really good idea when we’d usually end up wasting so much time just agreeing on where to eat lunch.  And it wasn’t pretty I tell you! I wanted to strangle my colleagues with their choices.  This way, I just let fate tell me where to eat. 😀

In the same way, Woohoo Saigon’s Shuffle will tell yah where to have a good time.  And if you’re familiar with Jim Carrey’s movie, “Yes, Man” — just do what he did, say “YES!”  Go with the flow.  And let Saigon surprise you!

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