Annam Mega Sale

 photo 20130125_120023_zps835aa05a.jpg

It’s Annam Mega Sale once again!

Not so much baking stuff — actually none at all except for some huge baking equipment.

 photo 20130125_120806_zps172b3bca.jpg

But there are lots of items sold at a discounted price!  My best buy would be a Latino Bella Pomace Olive Oil for a liter at only 85,000 VND and Haribo gummy bears for Sam for as low as 11,000 VND!

 photo 20130125_120032_zpsec2047cd.jpg

I know we should lay off on the candy but for the sake of my sanity, I have to give in once in a while. Got some Lindt and Cadbury chocolates too! 😉

 photo 20130125_121620_zps17b14910.jpg

And yes, some Pepperidge Farm stuff too!

 photo 20130125_115523_zps2b144bc5.jpg

The Milano Melts were only for 29,000 VND!  They’re even selling a 9 L of Haagen Daz’s for 1.2MVND!  Wines too!

So there, if you happen to be in District 1, check out the sale at 92 Le Thanh Ton St.  It’s on till Sunday, January 27, 2013.

 photo 20130125_121133_zps298d3a75.jpgHappy shopping!

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