Food Trip: Lucky Chick

I’m sure you have those days that you’re all stressed out and just want to eat chicken. Ha!  That day came for me last Thursday.  My nanny was all set to cook dinner and I was like, “Hold it!  Let’s all go out and eat!”  This is also because I saw Herdailydigest‘s photo in Facebook with her family eating there! 😀  So it’s really TJ’s fault. 😛

 photo 20130123_182238_zpsd0fe815c.jpg

So the whole family walked to Lucky Chick.  Since it was still early in the evening, we had the whole place to ourselves.

 photo 20130123_183026_zpsf24670e3.jpg

We only ordered one meal.  A whole chicken — grilled to perfection.  YUM!

 photo 20130123_183403_zps44604103.jpg

And guess how much?  Just for 250kVND with unlimited rice and a couple of drinks!  It was a delicious meal!  Just writing about it makes me want to plot when I can come back to eat there again.

 photo 20130123_183457_zpscd23fb47.jpg

Lucky Chick is owned by a couple (Filipino and Korean) and serves Filipino, Korean, and Japanese dishes.  Yup they have barbecue skewers and those are good too!

 photo 20130123_183008_zpsdb19086e.jpg

I checked out the 2nd floor and it’s spacious for events!   I’m scouting for a place for a party and this may be a good place for it.  It sits 80 people and the owner, Thess, said she can work on my budget.  So we’ll see.

 photo 20130123_182910_zps958efd69.jpg

Lucky Chick has a patio too.

 photo 20130123_182935_zps160cddca.jpg

Just today, Herdailydigest posted that Lucky Chick is offering 15% discount on your food if you say the magic word!  😉    What is it?  Shall I tell?  LOL.  It’s HERDAILYDIGEST or TJ. 😉

Head on over to Lucky Chick and enjoy a real good meal! 😀

Lucky Chick
08 54121211
Filipino and English – 01286433000 – Thess
Vietnamese – 01224429366 – Ngan
Email –
SC5 Lo 1 H19-2 Parkview, duong Nguyen Duc Canh, PMH, D7

update: Closed already :((

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