Food Trip: Love Me Tender

 photo 20130127_191456_zps8b3e4449.jpgHaven’t gotten enough chicken this week so last night, we decided to try Love Me Tender which boasts of New Orleans and Mexican style cooking.

Love Me Tender has been open for… probably a month already but I haven’t heard much about the food here.

It’s Korean-owned and most who eat here are of course Korean.  The menu is mainly in Korean with a short English-translation.  I don’t know if that hinders people from eating there but lots of Korean restaurants around here in Phu My Hung and really, most menu ARE in Korean.  Makes it pretty difficult to order.

So anyway, Love Me Tender has a pretty short menu with PHOTOS (Yay!) so it was easy to choose.

 photo 20130127_191324_zps90210904.jpg
We were kinda surprised of the prices because food starts at 268kVND here.  Kinda pricey until you realize that it’s for a shared chicken meal.

 photo 20130127_191934_zpsabc81e63.jpg

We ordered the salad and roasted chicken meal.  I actually liked the salad with Asian dressing but didn’t like the olives all too much.  This salad had lettuce, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, red bell pepper, and almonds.

 photo IMG_20130127_194159_zps8800c462.jpgThe 500 grams chicken was served in a platter over onions and potato chips.  This was  surprisingly delicious.  Juicy and tender, the recipe had just the right taste.  My taste buds were happy. 🙂

We spent 468kVND for this if I remember correctly.  Just right or expensive?

 photo 20130127_200437_zpsd278f1eb.jpg

Love Me Tender
S36-1 Sky Garden 1
Phu My Hung, D7, HCMC

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