Food Trip: Go Gu Ryeo

So here’s another food post.  If you’re getting tired of all the food I’m posting here, please forgive me.  I promise to write about something else in my next few posts.

Today, my foodie-certified friends called me up to try this Korean restaurant (yet again), Go Gu Ryeo.  I’m not sure if it’s new but I know for a fact that there was a restaurant on the same spot before.

 photo 20130129_120922_zps857718e3.jpg

Look at the side dishes.

 photo 20130129_121703_zps55c784f7.jpg

Side dish pa lang ulam na.

 photo 20130129_121708_zps8ff3ddf5.jpg

We were served some type of a salad.  It’s mostly onions on some vinaigrette but it tasted pretty good.  It felt like I was doing some cleansing diet. 😀

 photo 20130129_121727_zps1471b8a4.jpg

My friend ordered for us so she asked for the Beef Rib Soup and Beef Barbecue.  The Beef Rib Soup is much like MJ’s Kitchen.  I love the Korean version of Nilagang Baka.  Sarap!

 photo 20130129_122622_zps5bea3098.jpg

And I couldn’t get enough of the Beef Barbecue.  It was marinated and grilled well and it was tender, delicious, and juicy.

 photo 20130129_122639_zpsb21dfbb3.jpg

The bill was somewhere below 500kVND for all three of us.  I think it was a real good deal.  And yes, you can request for more side dishes.  We left past 1 and there were still lots of people around.

 photo 20130129_123401_zpse8bc1501.jpg

The restaurant is housed in a villa and got a lot of rooms for big groups.

 photo 20130129_121043_zpsc496411c.jpg

And unlike most Korean restaurants serving BBQ here, it’s usok-free.  You won’t go home smelling like smoke or food.

 photo 20130129_121053_zps868c1c2b.jpg

If you’re worried about customer service in such a huge multi-storey restaurant, don’t worry ’cause the waiters come running once you ring the bell right on the table.

 photo 20130129_121140_zpse79ee924.jpg

How to get here?  It’s the same street where Texas Chicken is in Phu My Hung.  Walk past it and it’s the next restaurant you’ll see.

Go Gu Ryeo
Pham Thai Buong St., PMH
District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

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