Are you ready for TET?

 photo 20130128_104749_zps25f0868f.jpg

What I like about the TET season is that, not only do we get lots of free time to go on a vacation but Vietnam suddenly breaks out into color.  It’s also the time you’ll see that buildings get a face lift and a washing or like in our apartment complex, the parks suddenly have flowers. LOL.

 photo 20130114_084601_zps1095159b.jpg

And since it’s the year of the Snake, lots of shops have incorporated “the snake” into their window displays.

 photo 20130130_112815_zps11706049.jpg

At home, we don’t really celebrate TET but Bay has been gracious to bring in some yellow flowers to light up the apartment.

 photo 20130201_083314_zps787f5242.jpg

Bay is also making yellow flowers out of stockings to make our home a little more TET-tish.  And I can’t wait how that will turn out.

 photo 20130201_083309_zps3abe87a9.jpgHave you TET-tified your house yet? 🙂



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    Tet is knocking on our doors 😉

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