photo 20130203_075526_zps5a12abae.jpgOur first pot in Vietnam. We were unsure on what to buy while we were still looking for apartments back in 2009 and didn’t want to spend all that much yet, so we opted to get this affordable pot.  It’s worn. It’s more than 3 years old. It has lost an ear and the lid looks tired. The body is badly stained.  Served us real well. Still unsure whether to throw it out or not.

Looking back, I wish we splurged on the essentials, like a proper set of pots and pans, Kitchen Aid, and may be even a low-cost car.  How could have we known that we would be staying for more than the original 3 years we’ve set our minds to?

What I’ve learned?  No matter how you think you’re only going to stay a while… make each stop a home. You don’t know if you’re going to stay for much longer than you think and even if you don’t, garage sales are always fun. 😉

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