Pastry Passion in Saigon

 photo 20130202_143947_zps32307984.jpgMy friend Shirley, who is the patissier of Pastry Passion Manila, has come to Saigon.

Why am I excited?  Because I got to taste her delectable creations last Saturday during her son’s 1st birthday and they were divine!

I love chocolate cupcakes and Shirley’s version really hits the spot.

She also prepared tiramisu which I unfortunately wasn’t able to take photos of but were absolutely delightful!

But the star and centerpiece of Shirley’s ensemble is her beautifully and lovingly crafted birthday cake for Ethan.

I don’t need to convince you — just see the photos!

 photo 20130202_143941_zps2905ac8a.jpg

This cake is 100% edible!

 photo 20130202_143957_zpsfb5363d7.jpg

Don’t you just love it?!?

For more ideas on her designs, visit Pastry Passion Manila and contact her at

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