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This is my token blogpost on Starbucks’s arrival in Vietnam.  I just have to.  Not because I am a fan of Starbucks — but it just has to be written. 😛

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Actually, we didn’t really think of visiting SB because we’ve heard of the long queues inside and outside the cafe.  Last Sunday, we thought of going after mass but man, even in the 2 PM heat, there was a line outside!  No way were we going in.

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So last Tuesday after a client lunch meeting, we decided to check out Starbucks finally.  When our cab pulled by the cafe, there was no line outside but whoa, there was a long line inside!  My friend lined up for us and she was like the 30th person in line.  Good thing that the first floor area in Starbucks is spacious enough.

The first floor tables were full.  I didn’t attempt to go up anymore when I saw a friend near the stairs.  When his group left, we just occupied their space.

 photo 20130205_140135_zpsad0381ec.jpgIt probably took 20 minutes to get our drink.  This is my favorite Mocha Java Chip Frappuccino.  I always order this even back in Manila.  I’m glad it tastes the same BUT it’s more watery than the SB frappe I’m used to.  I’m not sure if this is just how it is now everywhere in the world or this is just a Vietnamese thing.  5 stars for the taste.  2 stars for the texture.

Oh and this is real expensive too.  A grande costs 5 USD or 100,000 VND.  How much is this in your country? And their version of ca phe sua da is a little over 4 USD or 85,000 VND.

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And here’s the much-coveted tumblers by my friends in Manila and mugs —-

 photo 20130205_134623_zpse989537c.jpgBoth are priced at 190kVND (if I remember correctly).  It’s much easier to get these stuff as it has it’s own cashier. 😛

I promise to get this to you (you know who you are) when I find someone who’s coming home to Manila with extra space in their luggage. 😀

If you want to come to Starbucks and don’t want to line up, I’ve been told there’s no line yet at 6 am. 😉

But you know what?  I’m more excited about the news that Auntie Anne’s opens today.  Hope to get in line for a pretzel soon. 🙂

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5 Responses to Starbucks

  1. yousef65 says:

    VND 100K for a plastic cup of iced coffee!
    Way, way too much, like paying for a full day’s wage of a Vietnamese factory worker, imagine that,
    Pardon me but I really abhor SB and what it’s capitalist leanings stands for.

    • Lyra says:

      Yeah real expensive. Its the same for Gloria Jeans and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Vietnamese coffee shops like Highlands and Trung Nguyen are more affordable but still pricey I think.

  2. yousef65 says:

    I can’t help but point out again the huge similarities we Pinoys have with the Vietnamese, we love to drink coffee – the Viets also do (considering that Vietnam has a thriving tea export industry in the North). Mahilig sa ‘tagay-tagay’ ang mga Pinoy, so are the Vietnamese…eating balut, cockfights etc….oh, guys pissing just about anywhere……….and I should mention both Pinoys and Vietnamese love everything coming from America.

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