Win a Bike Bag!

2012-12-05 13.43.15Late last year, I met Meryam who’s selling her awesome yet affordable bike bags.

Made from recycled materials, her bags are waterproof and tough — just what you need in the streets of Saigon to withstand the heat, the sudden rain, and the occasional near misses with other vehicles.

Brightly colored, Meryam’s bike bags are like warning devices on the road.  You’ll be hard to miss as you weave through the traffic.

 photo bikebag-15-19_zps78dba1b5.jpg

And best of all, the design of the bags are spacious to hold enough stuff — like some grocery, important papers, and your laptop among others.  Remember though, this isn’t some magic bag — it cannot carry sacks of rice, TV, refrigerator nor an air conditioning unit.  Please let’s leave that to the professionals.

5 sacks of rice on a bike!

5 sacks of rice on a bike!

Meryam is also coming out with new designs soon so better watch out for those!

As a gift, Meryam is giving away a bike bag to one of our readers who can share the best photo of a bike with a bike bag or a bike that badly needs a bike bag because of how ridiculous it looks with too much stuff on it.  Photos should be taken within Vietnam only.


  1. Share a photo of a bike with a bike bag or a bag that badly needs a bike bag. The bike in the photo may be yours or not.  The bike bag doesn’t have to be one of Meryam’s bike bags — just any bike bag. 😉
  2. Send the photo with a title and information on where the photo was taken.  Remember that the photo should be taken somewhere in Vietnam only.
  3. Sign, seal, and email to or upload to
  4. The contest period is from February 11 to March 11, 2013.
  5. The winner will be announced on March 13, 2013.

Do you think a bike bag will benefit this lady?

 photo 266510_232592056775613_1471946_o_zpsd16f43b3.jpgShe’d need lots! 😀

Hurry and send your entry!

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