Flower Festival 2013

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I’ve never missed a year since 2010 to see the flower displays in Nguyen Hue St. in District 1.

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Who doesn’t love flowers?  Well, except if you have allergy of course.

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But there’s just something magical about looking at flowers — you slow down, take in the surrounding, and yes, you smile.  The experience is the same for me when seeing a rainbow.

 photo 853344_10151703881712646_1528369603_o_zps084acc5a.jpg

And every year, I always ready myself to be in awe at the beautiful flower displays.I just can’t imagine the work, the hours, and the love put in to come up with such a long stretch of beauty.  It’s indeed a lovely TET 2013.
 photo 730024_10151703891967646_1046165574_o_zps1e17e273.jpg

Sharing with you just a few of the photos I took this year.

 photo 729385_10151703906302646_1757467593_o_zpsf7159ef8.jpg

We arrived at past 7 am in Nguyen Hue and you can’t imagine the number of people already! So it was really difficult to take photos.

 photo 729101_10151703998127646_519917225_o_zps62fed9ed.jpg

Everybody was fighting for space to pose and photographers were trying to get people out of the way to take shots with no people.  It was sort of a nightmare.

 photo 729476_10151703912822646_1462187540_o_zps8736940e.jpg

But honestly though, I kinda liked that we were in the thick of things because it felt like a celebration — kinda like Christmas.  I haven’t had that feeling since my last Christmas in the Philippines. 

 photo 728743_10151703936357646_2012431271_o_zpsaad8b0ee.jpg

I think there’s more variety of flowers last year though compared to this year. 

 photo 728548_10151703997067646_1591604225_o_zps2f80e6e1.jpg

But of course, I still loved the whole display. 

 photo 728759_10151704065252646_1273921708_o_zps69e7a98c.jpg

I wish I could have spent more time taking photos but the throng of people was just unbelievable! 

 photo 852186_10151704008397646_50176931_o_zpsb6a2a58d.jpg

It got worse as the day progressed.  You can hardly have any shot with no strangers around you. 😛

 photo 852003_10151704010727646_1443250085_o_zps7acc2a1f.jpgHere’s an interesting display which reminds me so much of the Philippines —

 photo 853269_10151703899767646_1923366126_o_zpsf990b33b.jpg

These red columns were hard to miss —

 photo IMG_2701_zpsa8d19b50.jpg

There was a display of the different Chinese zodiacs but I was only able to take the photo of the Rats.  Can you imagine the work put into these two furry creatures?

 photo IMG_2727_zps023f59bf.jpg

I love how this rattan-structure made things interesting —

 photo IMG_2717_zps98b97b9d.jpgThe pillar of mums has somewhat become a staple every year.  Still festive nonetheless.

 photo IMG_2736_zps160717c5.jpg

And since it’s the Year of the Snake, you’ve got to throw these into the whole picture.  The body—

 photo 896cc815-57d6-4c86-8e5e-b6547e9166be_zps34092696.jpg

and of course the heads — photo 851901_10151704069407646_420588022_o_zpsc5bf7164.jpgThe flower display in Nguyen Hue ends tomorrow.  I hope you get to swing by and enjoy the scene.

Happy TET Holiday everyone!

For more photos, check out Hello Saigon FB Page.

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  1. enat says:

    I’m a Saigonese and just discover your blog by accident, how i love your blog xoxoxoxoxoxo 😉 Happy Tet & wishing you all the best in the new year 😉

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