Food Trip: Auntie Anne’s

 photo 851987_10151712177387646_1119391025_o_zpsfa298e29.jpgMaking their quiet debut into the Ho Chi Minh City franchise food scene is Auntie Anne’s Pretzels.

Auntie Anne’s opened last February 5 — a few days after the much anticipated opening of Starbucks.

There was no fuss nor buzz with another foreign-owned franchise opening up their first store in Ho Chi Minh City.  I guess Auntie Anne’s is an unknown next to Starbucks.

Each pretzel costs around 28,000 to 32,000 VND which is quite pricey actually next to other carbo-food products in the Vietnamese foodie scene, say a Banh Mi. 😀

 photo 854828_10151712133727646_207981062_o_zps92f6adec.jpgAuntie Anne’s occupies just one floor of a building along the very busy Mac Thi Buoi St. (across Sun Wah).  It’s really more for take out as there are only a few tables and the place is quite small.

 photo 729374_10151712125852646_1752787012_o_zpsa7fdce14.jpgAs with the usual set up of Auntie Anne’s elsewhere around the world, it has an open kitchen for people to see how the pretzels are made.

 photo 855789_10151712125157646_1399797655_o_zpsed9905af.jpgInterestingly, there are around 4 or 5 crew members.  I’ve seen Auntie Anne’s outlets with a fewer number — maybe 2 or 3.

 photo 729344_10151712177467646_86076636_o_zps7e8fceae.jpg

I ordered my usual sour cream and onion while hubby got his cinnamon-flavored pretzel.  Unfortunately though, the dips aren’t available yet. 😦

 photo 730168_10151712177332646_740036864_o_zps6d27fe47.jpgThe verdict?  It’s the same ole pretzel that I love.  🙂  I thought though that the lemonade here would be cheaper because lemons here in Vietnam are abundant — but no.  The lemons used are “imported” according to the signs in the store — so it’s still mucho expensive.  I guess they have to keep the “taste”.  But how come they’re using local milk for the pretzels?

Just wondering.

 photo 853131_10151712125107646_406504308_o_zps11eb587d.jpgAuntie Anne’s
90 Mac Thi Buoi St., D1

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3 Responses to Food Trip: Auntie Anne’s

  1. Regina says:

    Ive always said they should come here. Getting my dose of their pretzels soon!!

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