The Cliff Resort

 photo IMG_20130207_133037_zpsff3e0461.jpgTet is one long holiday in Vietnam and the family was itching to go somewhere — anywhere outside Saigon as long as we didn’t need to fly. I left the booking to hubby who decided that we’re going to Mui Ne. He found it difficult to find a hotel not yet fully booked though and the prices of rooms for the holidays is astronomical.

He chanced upon The Cliff Resort — which looked good on the website and was running a promo at that time. So there, booked. I had to research a bit though and the reviews in Tripadvisor was not very encouraging. But since we booked already, all I could do was hope for the best.

Bringing a 9-month old to a holiday isn’t easy so we just decided to hire a car for 5 million VND for 4 days — all in. We didn’t need to worry about the driver’s accommodation nor going around Mui Ne area. But honestly, if the kids were older we’d just ride the bus and get off at our resort — so much cheaper and it’s not that far anyway. But it IS nice to have our own ride so we could stop anytime we liked.

 photo 20130207_130012_zps80320d3d.jpg

We left before all the ruckus of the Tet holiday, so we arrived at Mui Ne at noon.  We left around 7 am and made a couple of stops along the way and even got lost looking for the Ke Ga Lighthouse.

 photo 20130207_130028_zps8bcffd7e.jpg

When we arrived at The Cliff, I was ready to be disappointed. Reviews said that most of the staff are unable to speak English. I was greatly relieved that ALL staff we were in contact with were very courteous and spoke good English. They assisted us every step of the way — I was actually very surprised on how they treated us. I knew then and there that we were going to have a wonderful holiday. Just for their staff, I give them 5 stars.

Checking in was a breeze and we were served welcome drinks while waiting too.

 photo 20130207_130243_zpsdf3eab5f.jpg

Loved this pretty coral light detail that looked enchanting when lit up.

 photo IMG_2449_zpsf104aa00.jpg
Our Room

Our room opens to a balcony which has an amazing view of the resort fronting the ocean and it was just perfectly serene and the place looked immaculate from our perch.

 photo 20130207_131241_zps3c9cf830.jpg

The room itself is well-maintained (although I must say The Cliff has just opened late last year).

 photo 20130207_131002_zps4b592c7e.jpg

The bed was comfortable but the pillows were to plushy for my taste but other than that, the light blue room was just perfect for relaxing.

 photo 20130207_131132_zps86eeeb13.jpg

So room, check. Now off to the bathroom —

 photo 20130207_131100_zpsdf80713f.jpg

Spacious. Clean. Complete toiletries.

 photo 20130207_132308_zps0230f173.jpg

The details of the bathroom meshed well with the design of the whole room — except that it was separated only by a sliding door that didn’t lock —
 photo 20130207_131039_zpsd16183d9.jpg

that’s okay I guess for couples but for our family with a toddler that runs amok all over the place, it wasn’t ideal.  But otherwise, the bathroom was just right. It has no tub which was perfectly fine by me because I hate it when sand accumulates at the bottom of the tub — and we’re by the beach so I’m pretty sure that’ll happen to us.

 photo 20130207_131045_zps1dedd219.jpg

I love the details — and the shampoo and conditioner here were really good. I wonder what the brand is.

 photo 20130207_132212_zps8c9f97b4.jpg

This trash bin looked really nice — too nice to put trash in.

 photo 20130207_132222_zps5048c757.jpg

And I don’t like airing dirty laundry so to speak at the balcony, so wooden clothes dryer at the corner of the bathroom is a good idea.

 photo 20130207_131051_zps9c193769.jpg

The Pool

The resort has two pools. The one a bit smaller is much deeper  —-

 photo 20130207_161630_zps8bfcf275.jpg

than the other bigger pool which has an area were kids can swim and play safely.

 photo IMG_2363_zps93e59044.jpg

Ask the attendants and they can easily send out safety devices for the kids.

 photo IMG_2438_zps2679c990.jpg

This bigger pool is elegantly designed at the edges —  photo IMG_2439_zpse15380e3.jpg

The Beachfront 

 photo 20130207_161844_zpseb648742.jpg

Of course as with the rest of the resort, the beach front is well-maintained as well. The waters is “swimmable” and you can safely put your stuff in the designated lockers while you take a dip.

It can get quite windy and one afternoon, the wind picked up, the sand hurt our skin  as we headed for cover. It was impossible to make sandcastles then.

But the strong wind brings huge waves that smash against the rocks — makes a great backdrop for photos! 

 photo IMG_2618_zpsbb01099b.jpg

The Food and the Dining Area
 photo 20130209_071518_1_zpsd646bd9e.jpg As with any high end resort, the price of food here can get expensive but at the very least, the food in The Cliff is delicious. There also is a good variety of food during breakfast buffet and each day, there’s something new to their repertoire. Speaking of, I miss their cheese salad and their soups.

The dining area opens to seamlessly to the outside veranda where you can dine too while you enjoy the sky and the ocean view.

 photo IMG_2362_zps0175efda.jpg

Overall, the resort is an oasis. Beautifully designed inside —

 photo IMG_2447_zps2a1b144b.jpg

and out —

 photo 20130207_161837_zps140ce724.jpg

But since it’s a “cliff”, there are a lot of stairs here.
 photo 20130207_162310_zps121ca3f0.jpg
It wasn’t easy huffing and puffing all the way up with me carrying my 9-month old in a carrier. BUT, they’ve got a cart that lets you go around the resort, so that helps a whole lot.

 photo 20130207_130037_zps83a7cc99.jpgAnother thing that worried me near our room was this building design. I understand that this is an eco-friendly way to lessen the carbon footprint, as well as, providing ventilation, but a kid can easily slip through the narrow opening.  So it’s best to really keep an eye on your children.

 photo 20130208_110143_zps8366f058.jpg

Otherwise, The Cliff is a wonderful getaway. And since the resort is huge, you don’t get the feeling that the place is fully booked. There’s space to play for everyone.

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5 Responses to The Cliff Resort

  1. lulu says:

    This looks quite lovely, so I’m sure your were not disappointed and had a wonderful getaway.

  2. Ashley says:

    OMG! this is the place that i have been wanting to go since forever. now you are making me itchy to get there.

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