Apartment Hunting Season

We’ve been living for almost 3 years in the same apartment and we are thinking of making a change when our lease is up.

Our current apartment is not perfect but change is not easy especially the “moving stuff” part. Why do I like our apartment even with all its imperfections?

1.  Wood Flooring

Why is this so important? Wooden floors are easier to clean (for me) and is okay for my kids to crawl on. And even if my baby falls on it, it’s not as hard as a tiled flooring.

2. Work Area and Bookshelves 

Not all apartments has a work area or an office where you have a place to work on your laptop or have bookshelves to hold your books.

3. Hidden Kitchen and Dining Area

Most apartments I’ve seen in this part of Ho Chi Minh City have kitchens and dining area by the apartment entrance. Both the dining area and kitchen are usually disorganized and I like to keep those places hidden from visitors.

4. Lots of Cabinets

Our current apartment has lots of cabinets.  And even with so many, I still find it difficult to stash all our stuff. Most apartments now only have the basic one wardrobe/cabinet per room — that’s really not enough for us.

Soon I know, it’ll be Apartment Hunting We Will Go. So, I have to keep in mind my list of Things to Consider When Getting an Apartment.

I have to find an agent again for sure because I don’t know lots of apartment owners with available apartments for renting. But before I stretch my legs and go from one apartment to another for viewing, I do check out what’s available online. That saves me a whole lot of time. Once, my friend and I viewed some 50 apartments to find the right one for our families. That wasn’t cool.

So this year, I’ll be browsing through www.houseinvietnam.net:

 photo latado1_zpsc2cf0981.png

and www.latado.com: photo latado_zps7c1d8040.png

If you don’t have the luxury of time to look at a lot of apartments or villas or houses, it’s best to let your mouse do the walking for you.

In Latado.com, if you’re an apartment owner, you can have your apartment listed. It’s also a useful site and resource for what’s happening in Vietnam. Soon, it’ll be launching a forum where expats and locals alike can discuss relevant topics about Vietnam.

So there, wish me luck as I embark on another apartment hunting expedition.

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